Summer bliss, an ocean fragrance And sun-kissed feet on sand The white froth of soft blue ripples Where the water eats the coast A multitude of sun rays descend upon land To warm each crystal grain that heap in vast amount Reflect right off the water’s surface in shiny chinks of white silver And slowly […]


When I Don’t Belong

When I don’t belong I’m in darkness, all alone Their stares are pinpricks on my skin That pierce right to the bone I feel the heat of standing out  brush against my cheeks Nasty looks and rude words Can devastate my week When they offer any friendship I’m hungry, so I’ll eat Clueless that they’ll […]

A Bypasser’s Love

Perhaps if we had never met, If our eyes had never locked If only I had looked away, We would have never talked. I didn’t know a simple meet Would change my life so much But now my heart knows how to race And melt under your touch.

Knight Next Door

Flipping pages, black and white, In my hand, I hold the light. Words take flight, through my mind, With tales of heroes, smart and kind. The laughing villain, the damsel distressed, The castle he storms, a girl deep in rest. And upon arrival, revive a seeping life A grateful heart becomes his wife. In the […]